Rooms: Main Hall  11.5m x 9m (38ft x 29ft) plus a stage of 6m x 3m (29ft x 10ft)

            Kitchen 9m x 4m (29ft x 13ft)
            JRS Room A 7.3m x 4.2m (24ft x 14ft)
            JRS Room B 7.3m x 4.2m (24ft x 14ft)

Heating: Available throughout hall.

Maximum Capacity: Main Hall – 100,  JRS Rooms A & B - 50

Facilities: The modern kitchen facilities include fridge, freezer, cooker and water boiler. There is also a facility to hire tablecloths. The John Ross suite has a seminar room with interactive whiteboard, ceiling digital projector and wireless broadband access. There are also toilet facilities available to all.

Equipment: There are adequate chairs and tables and ample crockery and cutlery is available.

Parking: There is a designated car park with 12 parking spaces and roadside parking opposite the main entrance.

Access:There is access for all into the hall, but there are three steps up to the stage.

Hire Charges:Main Hall £10 per hour; £30 per half day/£50 full day; John Ross Suite Room A £10 hour/£20 half day/£35 full day; John Ross Suite Room B £10 hour/£20 half day/£35 full day; Combined Rooms £45 half day/£80 full day.

Registered Charity Number:1118388