At the Village Hall AGM on 12th November, Chairman Seamus Boyne retired from the Committee having put in a tremendously energetic two years which has seen dramatic cxhanges in the Village Hall, helped by the generosity of many and, in particular, £10,000 from the Big Lottery Fund.The Hall has been re-decorated; had a new central heating boiler, a new fitted kitchen and reconditioned main floor. Seamus has made a great difference and his achievements drew the thanks of all.

Roger Lombard has taken over as acting Chairman, making it clear he is holding the fort only while another recruit can be found for the 2015/16 year and beyond. He also said that taking the job on at all, was a reflection of his confidence in the competence and commitment of Secretary Jean Wilson and of Treasurer Claire Hudson and the rest of the Committee and Trustees.

They, in turn, have been joined this year and 2015 by Jane Lombard and Steve Peary. Also notable is that hard working Committee member Hayley Pye has agreed to take on the responsibility for event and facility promotion and publicity. The steadfast Michael Gauntlett remains in charge of the bookings. Also remaining are Sheila Hillary, Jenny Ross and Barbara Willis.