Annual General Meeting - 2018

This will be held in the John Ross Suite at 8 p.m. on Wednesday, February 21st.

News from the Village Hall September 2017 A reminder that your primary contact for village hall bookings and availability enquiries is Mandy. She’s a working lass so daytime it may be best to text her on 07743082720 or email on but her landline number is 01748 825108. I’m pleased to report that we’ve succeeded in persuading Wally Hirst onto the team. New input is always good news and he brings not just that but also additional energy to our efforts. As you know the Village Hall offers a free wi-fi hotspot for anyone in the community who wishes to access the internet. Truth to tell this is used more by our clients who need internet access and even they don’t use a lot. It was costing nigh on £800 a year to provide this little-used service. (The Village Hall is regarded as a business (not least because it’s not a residential property) so our options were limited.). As an experiment we have cut a new deal with BT as a consequence of which we can now offer Infinity 1 high speed broadband for a significantly lesser cost. This means that if you don’t presently enjoy high speed access you can take your portable device down to the village hall and download whatever you want, free of charge to you. The access code is f478c78369 and the range of the router seems to include all of the John Ross Suite, half of the main hall and I suppose at least some of the car park! Download is 64.5mB/sand upload 18mB/s We battle continuously to keep our costs down but after a very substantial period without a price increase I’m afraid that you might find when you book with Mandy that the cost is a little higher. We still discount for locals, children’s parties, other charities and regular clients 

Use autumn’s bounty to create a gorgeous table arrangement! ​With so much fantastic foliage around ­ plus late flowers, fruit, nuts and berries – this is one of the best times of year to decorate our homes with plant materials from our gardens or foraged from the hedgerows. ​Emma from award­winning florists The Flower Studio will be helping us each make a stunning table decoration from seasonal finds. Be prepared to be inspired! Bring flowers and foliage with you, along with a pair of secateurs or garden scissors. Top tip: Cut any green foliage you intend to use the evening before and submerge it in cold water overnight to get it super-hydrated – that way it will last longer! Members free. Guests £4. *** Treasurer Hunt It’s wonderful to have an active Garden Society in our village, but to keep it running smoothly we need a helping hand! Fairlie Turnbull has done a splendid job as Treasurer over the last year or two, but she will shortly be retiring from this vital role. Without a replacement the Society simply won’t be able to keep going – we’re short enough of committee members as it is! If you, or anyone you know, is up for the job, or can help on the Committee in any other capacity, please let us know right away. For further information contact Glenys Rogers (, 01833 621905) or Brian Pike (, 01748 824734).

The next meeting will be on Monday 12th February at 2pm in the Village Hall when Marion Moverley will be telling us about "Keeping the Feast".
Please come along, join us and meet others.