2017 - Events Programme


This performance will be held in the Village Hall on Friday, March 17th. Start time: 7.30pm. Doors to open at 7.00pm. Tickets: £9.50 all adults, £5 under 16s, £25 family (up to 2 + 3). To book and collect please contact Michael Gauntlett (01748-823556) or Roger Lombard (01748-850302).


This will be held in the John Ross Suite on Wednesday, February 8th from 7.30pm.

Now look, we know you’re busy, we know you’ve got lots of other things to do but so have we all and setting a little time aside to get involved in the community’s affairs won’t hurt, will it? We would love to see a few more new faces (and new ideas) so give Roger a ring on 850302 and find out more The Village Hall is entirely funded by donations and by making a modest and very competitive charge for its facilities. Other villages may claim to match ours in terms of the original hall itself but few have a kitchen as modern and well equipped as ours and a negligible number can offer the facilities we have in the John Ross Suite. As meeting rooms, training centre, conference suite we can offer unbeatable value for money but YOU CAN HELP! Time and again we have heard exclamations of wonder along the lines of “Wow, didn’t realise this was here!” Even if you don’t want to get involved in the actual running of the Village Hall you can help our marketing by “spreading the word” and please let us know if you hear of, or experience, a presentation or activity elsewhere that you think would be popular in Gilling West.